• Online VFC Hangout!

    Have you been missing your HUB friends?! Let's have a check in and hang out on Zoom! Come chat with your friends and hear all about the fun things they're doing at home lately! Must RSVP via website. Please enter a valid email address and you will be sent a link. Click the link, find a comfy place to sit and chat with your friends!

  • At-home Online Scavenger Hunt

    Feeling antsy? Come join our At-home Scavenger Hunt! No materials required! This fun event will be online through Zoom call. All you need to do is register below, check your email for a link to the call on April 3rd, sign on, and get ready to do some hunting! No materials required! This is a Teen-up event.

  • Mindfulness and Meditation

    Glad, Mad, Sad. Come learn how to Feel Our Feelings and Calm Our Bodies with Selena! Members will learn to name different feelings, how emotions affect our bodies, and learn ways to calm our bodies. Please RSVP as this will be a Zoom call event! We will send out an email that day with the link to the zoom call.

click/hover on event to see details and click again to sign up