• Parent Zoom Wellness Workshop

    Part 1: May 27th, 4-5pm Focus on self-care, mindfulness, and exploring emotions. In this workshop we will discuss the Power of Me curriculum by experiencing activities from the curriculum and how to try some of these activities at home. Mad Hatter Wellness offers life-changing programs that enhance the lives of ALL people. Their flagship offering, Sexuality for All Abilities, works with people with developmental disabilities. Using consent as its framework, the program helps people with disabilities learn the tools to develop healthy relationships and act as powerful self-advocates. The Power of Me is another program that provides people with tools to find their own voice and discover the power they have within to live a safe and healthy life.

  • Creative Writing Workshop

    Do you have stories, ideas & experiences to share? Of course you do! Join in this innovative creative writing workshop that showcases your unique gifts & voice! No experience, reading or handwriting skills necessary  to participate.  At the end of the course you’ll walk away a published author, your work included in a book published from a compilation of all authors in this class. Cow Tipping Press & VFC partnered to bring you this unique opportunity (value @ $350. pp) for $50 registration fee (entire 5-weeks).  Don't miss out on this opportunity to get published! Space is limited. Instructor; Cow Tipping Press.      

  • At-home Online Scavenger Hunt

    Feeling antsy? Come join our At-home Scavenger Hunt! No materials required! This fun event will be online through Zoom call. All you need to do is register below, check your email for a link to the call, sign on, and get ready to do some hunting! No materials required! This is a Teen-up recommended event.

  • Crafting with Angelina!

    We will be making bobblehead animals today on Zoom! Please RSVP! Supplies are available to pick up at the HUB anytime this week!

    Cat, Dog and Bear.
    * 3 colors of paper. You decide what 3 colors you want to make your bobble head 🐕 your 🐱 and your 🐻.
    * scissors
    * glue
    * black permanent marker
    * ruler

click/hover on event to see details and click again to sign up